2018 – FIRST Power Up

This year’s challenge is FIRST Power Up – a game where alliances must strategically place “Power Cubes” on see-saw-like platforms. The short balances are called the switches and the large on in the middle is called the scale. As long as the balances are tipped in your favor, your alliance is continuously earning points. Teams can also use Power Cubes to earn power-ups to give them a competitive advantage. At the end of the match, robots may choose to climb the scale, for additional points. For more information on the game, you may watch the game animation below.

Quick Facts About Our Robot

Name – Kuzco

Status – Active

Size – 27.75″ x 31.75″ x 50″

Weight – 117 lbs

Drive Train – 8 wheel tank drive with pneumatic ball shifters

Speed – 11 ft/sec in high gear, 4 ft/sec in low gear

For our robot, we wanted to focus on being able to handle the cubes and place them on the switch and scale effectively and efficiently. We decided not to have our robot climb this year and instead put all our effort into making an extremely effective intake and lifting mechanism. To see the robot in action, check out the videos below: