Breakaway is FIRST meets soccer and Cirque du Soleil: resulting in hanging robots kicking around soccer balls. The game is played on a 27-by-54 foot carpeted field with two “bumps” separating the field into three zones. Breakaway involves two alliances of three robots each, trying to score soccer balls into either of their two goals. The robots are designed to kick a ball or try to defend the other alliance’s goals to prevent the opposing alliance from scoring. During the last 20 seconds of the match the robots try to hang off the tower or their alliance partner’s robots to gain bonus points.

Our Robot: Genghis Khan

Genghis had a rectangular chassis with four, 8″ wheels designed to cross the two bumps in the field. Genghis had a pneumatic, crossbow-style kicker mounted under his chassis, and a winch centered above it to suspend him in the endgame. At competition, it was quickly decided that with his solid chassis, Genghis should become a defensive robot.

Eventually, his kicker was removed, and his winch was not often deployed, but he made it to quarterfinals at the Buckeye regional as an excellent defensive robot.