What is Aerial Assist?

The 2014 FRC game is Aerial Assist. The game is played on a 25 feet by 54 feet carpeted field; the playing field is divided into five “zones”. A red and a blue zone, a neutral white zone, and two 2’5″ wide “goalie” zones at either end of the field. A 6′ tall ‘truss’ bisects the field.

The object of the game is to score 2′ diameter, nylon-sheathed exercise balls into alliance goals at either end of the field. Two large goals 11’x3′ goals are set 5 feet off the ground– scoring in these ‘high goals’ earns 10 points. In the corners of the field there are also ‘low goals’; set only about 4″ off the ground, which can be scored from any three directions to earn one point.

Aerial Assist’s emphasis on cooperation comes into play with ‘assists’. Robots can earn a 5 pt bonus when the ball passes a colored zone by being transferred to another alliance robot. Extra points can also be earned by throwing and catching over the truss at the center of the field. For a more detailed explanation of assist bonuses this year, check out this video.