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Team Resources

2399 has a few resources of our own to share!!

  • Our Code – After each season, most of our code gets open sourced! Here is our github link.

Outside Resources

Important FIRST-related sites:


  • – FIRST’s very own website. Here’s the FRC page, too.
  • Official Q&A – The people you’re aaactually supposed to address game questions to.
  • The Manual – You should probably actually read this manual.
  • FRC Blog – The acting director of FRC’s blog: source of all game hints and FRC updates.

Team Run:

  • The Blue Alliance – Helpful information and stats on every FRC team.
  • The Red Alliance – The hub for all live feeds of FRC competitions.
  • Chief Delphi – The place to ask questions and share answers about all things FIRST.

Even more:

  • FIRSTwiki – It would be above, but it’s not very complete: info on teams and FIRST in general.
  • The FIRST Alliance – Similar to the Blue Alliance, but with rankings and not as tested.
  • MadStream – The Red Alliance in a different format, and without as many bells and whistles.
  • ScoutingFIRST – The Red Alliance’s page specialized for scouting. 
  • FRC-Designs – Database of design solutions (often with CAD) reaching back to 2008 and covering various subsystems.

Running an FRC team:

Advice from the professionals…

  • Registration – FIRST’s directions for staying/becoming a team every year.
  • FRC Resources – The official page for FRC resources: help on everything from CAD to programming.
  • White Papers – Plans, plans, plans! Business/team/technical, you name it. This one has been recommended.
  • Simbotics 1114 – Let the winners of the 2012 Chairman’s Award teach you how to be awesome.
  • Awards  – Here’s our rundown, in layman’s turns, of all the awards in FIRST: there are so many they deserve their own page.


Resources on robotics beyond FIRST…

Fun Stuff: