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The Founding of 2399

Way back in 2007, a professor from Case came to Hathaway Brown school and started team 2399! The team started building their Overdrive robot in an interesting corner of the basement in the Glennan building, and the rest is history. Fastforward to 2010, the team receives word a week before registration from regionals that they have lost their build space and support from Case. However, with the help of awesome mentors and faculty, the team pulls through, and is now centrally located in a maintenance closet in HB’s own atrium.

Pink Unicorn Origin Story

Lola the Pink Unicorn, mascot of the Fighting Unicorns, came from the design phase of our first robot. At first, our head mentor at the time suggested that we make a robot specialized for one particular task in that year’s challenge. While brainstorming, we came up with a number of ambitious designs for the various parts and potential functions of the robot. In the end, we couldn’t choose one specialization, so we decided to work out a way to cobble together all our various ideas. The design’s complexity, considering the rookie nature of our newly formed team, seemed the equivalent of asking us to create a mythical creature. When we split up into groups, our lead mechanical mentor, somewhat amused and exasperated by the group decision to attempt what he viewed as a practically impossible task, said: “Whoever wants to build pink unicorns, come with me!” Originally, Lola the Pink Unicorn was the name given to our first robot, built for Overdrive 2008. The following year, it was adapted to become our official mascot.

How we became “The Fighting Unicorns”

At our first competition our rookie year, a member from another team came up to us asking typical scouting questions, and our team responded as usual. As the scout finished their questions regarding our robot, he asked, “So are you guys going to win?”. The team then responded, “We have about as much a fighting chance of winning as unicorns do of existing.” After years as “TeamHB” it wasn’t until our 2011 season that we officially changed our name to “The Fighting Unicorns”.

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