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This year our team is lead by our great captain, Kate Snow. She is a senior in high school and has been on the team since freshman year. She brings experience, organization, and fun to the team, and is set to make this season the best one yet!


Sub-Divisions and Subteams

Our team breaks down into three sub-divisions: Robot, Non-Robot, and Cross-Divisional. These sub-divisions break down into smaller subteams that run specific aspects of their respective division.


Robot Sub-Division – works directly with the robot



This subteam is in charge of formatting the electrical board, wiring, and making sure both the mechanical and programming pieces of the robot can operate together smoothly.


This subteam is similar to the Design team in that both are components of the mechanical team, but the people on the Fabrication subteam physically create the robot. They manufacture the robot to the specifications of the Design sub-team and ensure that it can function.


The Design subteam is similar to the Fabrication team in that both are components of the mechanical team, but this sub-team uses Cad and 3D-modeling software to design the physical aspects of the robot. Both the Fabrication and Design sub-teams must keep in close contact with one another to ensure a mechanically sound robot.


The Team that creates the brain of the robot. This team helps determine robot functions, writes code, and determines button function to maintain an easily operable robot for competition.


Non-Robot Sub-Division – operates the vital parts of the team



The Business subteam is in charge of fundraising, applying for grants, and organizing events at our school in order to raise interest in the team. This is the team that makes the Fighting Unicorns possible.


This team is in charge of keeping the Fighting Unicorn’s reputation. They design t-shirts, posters, and flyers, and manage the team website and social media. This team also takes photos and videos of the team during meeting meetings, competitions, and outreach events. They ensure that the team’s image looks as good online as it does in person.


Cross-Divisional Sub-Division – researches and organizes events to find the best fits for our robot



This subteam researches teams at competitions so that drivers are able to come up with the best strategy for every match.


This subteam organizes events for robot demos and generally spreads the message of FIRST around our community.