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FRC 2399: The Fighting Unicorns

Team 2399 is an all girls FIRST® Robotics Competition team from Shaker Heights, Ohio. FIRST® robotics competition (FRC) is a yearly competition where high school students across the globe build robots with the help of engineering mentors, to compete in a unique and strategic game announced by FIRST®.

The 2017 game was announced January 7 of this year as STEAMWORKS and has been an absolute blast. The team went to Worlds this year in St. Louis, Missouri. As this was our 10th year as a team we are happy to be going to this year’s World Championship again!

The Fighting Unicorns are an innovative group of diverse thinkers with a wide array of talents and skills whose journey together began in 2008 with the FRC challenge Overdrive. Our team members come from all around the North East Ohio area and from heritages extending all over the world. From the graphic design geniuses creating team gear to the programmers writing the robot’s code, every person on our team is creative and an important part of our ever-growing 2399 community. Currently, the team is working to expand our reach beyond our team and our robots, to spread the word in our community, and to forge relationships with other FRC teams.


Time until 2018 Kickoff: